When Bloggers Meet

Jones Coffee Roasters in Pasadena was a cool meeting place.

Jones Coffee Roasters in Pasadena is a cool meeting place.

My writing is mostly about travel and the uniqueness of our Six Monther lifestyle. As such, I gain much from those who have gone before us like Around the World with Steve and James and Terri Vance at Gallivance. I also enjoy blogs that are just plain fun like reocochran’s Witless Dating After Fifty.

Perhaps the most gratifying experience for a blogger is the acknowledgement that comes from knowing someone out there is actually reading. The interaction between reader and writer through comments feeds and nourishes a writer’s desire to know people actually care about one’s writing. This interaction is the greatest distinction between blogging and say writing a book, which is essentially a solo project. And many writers are also bloggers, like my friend Dawn at Tales from the Motherland.

I use words like feed and nourish because I am inexorably drawn to food blogs. I salivate at the photos of amazing dishes and I look forward to trying out recipes because I have always enjoyed cooking. I love the fun recipes my grandson and I can do together, like those shared by the 20-something mother of two at Tried & Tested Kid-friendly Recipes! And I am inspired by writers committed to losing weight who share their triumphs and challenges like Jeff at Change For A Year.

Celeste and Paul look happy and healthy.

Celeste and Paul looking happy and healthy

I am now considering a healthier life through vegetarian/vegan eating thanks to several blogs including Celeste’s Honk if You’re Vegan. I was delighted that Celeste and I were able to arrange to meet in-person at a local coffee shop recently, spouses included! We all hit it off and our time together blew by so quickly that we had little time to delve into the topic of vegan food. So we did what you always do when a meeting runs over – we scheduled a follow-up.

Celeste selected a vegan restaurant for a lunch meeting in The OC (Orange County). We all look forward to connecting again in-person, and I can envision a blog post or two following our vegan experience. Our blogosphere friendship has grown to become something special. I love it when bloggers meet!

39 comments on “When Bloggers Meet

  1. I’d have to agree with you – it’s great when bloggers meet! You do know that you’re the first blogger I’ve met, don’t you? And you’ve set the standards high – you and Florence are so warm and welcoming. Paul and I loved getting together with you guys. And please tell Florence that she’s got a winning smile!

    And I’m tickled that you’re considering a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle. Paul and I try not to be preachy, but since you’re curious we’ll have to indulge you. Celeste 🙂

    • When we learned you live in S. California and I mentioned we would be stopping through, it was you who suggested we meet. And we are so glad we did! As you may recall, Florence has had food issues for a number of years, so anything we can do to improve her wellness related to digestion is a good thing. We have much to learn from you, plus we have enjoyed your company.

      Even though our time together is limited, I know we will remain connected via the blog world for which I am grateful. Mucho gusto, mi amiga! – Mike

  2. Hi Mike, Thanks so much for the shoutout! We’re honored to be among this very cool group of people you highlighted and look forward to checking them out. It’s so great you were able to meet up with Celeste and Paul in the flesh! We’ve met several bloggers in our travels and it’s always fun to compare notes and learn from each other. We have found the blogging community to be incredibly open-minded and welcoming. Looking forward to hearing about your vegan/vegetarian experience. All the Best, Terri

    • Having blog friends is like the modern-day equivalent of pen pals. It is fun and interactive that way. Then getting to meet in person adds a new layer of acquaintance that easily blossoms into friendship because, as you say, bloggers are open-minded and welcoming people. And who knows? With the food knowledge we gain from our vegan friends, we may have chanced onto a healthier lifestyle that we have been aware of but that seemed strange to us. Now we are curious and eager to learn from Celeste and Paul, and they are equally eager to share their knowledge and expertise. Que bueno!
      Thank you as always for your comments, Terri. – Mike

  3. Sound like fun! I am participating in the 2013 WordCount Blogathon, and it’s amazing how many other fabulous bloggers I’ve met so far simply from blogging every day instead of my usual two or three times per month. I hope that someday I can meet some of these fabulous folks in person too. And like you said, commenting makes all the difference to a blogger… so I’m trying to be a better commenter. 🙂

  4. Reblogged this on Honk If You're Vegan and commented:
    One of the reasons I blog is to connect with interesting people around the world. I don’t expect to meet most of the bloggers I interact with, but I recently got to meet with Mike from Applecore.

    Mike is one of the most interesting people you’ll ever meet. He and his wife Florence call themselves The Six Monthers, because they’re working their way around the world by living in a new country every six months. Mike is also an excellent writer and shares tales of his journeys on his blog, Applecore.

    It was fun to meet Mike and Florence in person, and I was excited when Mike told me he was considering a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle. Another reason I blog is to inspire others to consider going vegan, so it made me feel good to know that I’m making an impact.

    Mike wrote a post about our recent get-together, and I wanted to share it.

  5. Love that you’re meeting more bloggers and enjoying fun new food options! You should watch Forks Over Knives… it would rock your world. I’m still eating meat, but it was very powerful! Love that we got to hang out in person, and fun to read about your new adventures. 🙂

  6. Celeste is the best! Very fun that you all got to meet. I encourage you to explore the vegan lifestyle – – you will never regret it.

  7. Beautiful story – exciting you met!! Lucky you to meet Celeste 🙂

  8. My favorite Vegan Restaurant in the OC is Native Foods—I just love that place and they have lavender infused lemonade–just awesome….

  9. lexieloulou says:

    Celeste is truly inspiring. As a novice vegan health and nutrition blogger and a new parent, she has offered me heaps of encouragement. Lucky that you all got to meet and glad to hear that you had such a good time. All the very best with your travels. Are you planning on stopping by England on your way up to Scotland?

    • Mike Lince says:

      You are correct that we are lucky to have met Celeste. She and her husband, Paul, are delightful, and they readily share their enthusiasm for a vegan lifestyle. As a result, my wife and I are taking a hard look at our own eating habits.
      Since I have never been to the UK, we definitely plan to visit England, and your sightseeing suggestions would be welcome. – Mike

    • Thanks for the kind words Lexie – you’re such a sweetheart!! Celeste 🙂

  10. faithless85 says:

    Fab blog post.. I’ve got a couple of vegan friendly recipes on Tried and Tested (CWOK), Baked Vegetable Crunch and squished tomato pasta sauce are two off the top of my head, might have another one floating around somewhere too! 🙂 Love reading your blog and learning about what you’ve been up to. If only we werent tied down with two kids, two dogs, two cats, a negative equity mortgage.. yadda yadda the list goes on!!

    • Mike Lince says:

      I will be sure and check out your recipes. We have splurged and tried highly rated vegan restaurants for lunch the past couple of days and the food was incredibly good! Thank you for sharing your recipe ideas and thoughtful comments. – Mike

  11. reocochran says:

    My daughter is always preaching to me about her healthy choices. I do enjoy most of her recipes and sometimes can go days without meat! She does eat some meat but prefers using veggies for her protein go-to’s. I am so thrilled, to see ME included in the friends you have met along the way in your blogging adventures! I am so honored to see a hello from you and listing my blog, also. I guess your travels may not take you to Ohio, but if you ever meet a lonely male traveler who would like to stop and meet a lonely Ohio “girl” please pass on my name! I am looking forward to maybe someday traveling and our paths’ crossing. I would enjoy meeting Florence and Mike, my far-reaching traveling buddies!

    • Mike Lince says:

      You may be alone, but I have never gotten the impression that you are lonely. Your personality draws people to you like light draws a moth at night, and it comes through in your writing. My guess is you will find someone to spend your time with if that is what you are looking for, or perhaps more likely, they will find you. That is how Florence and I met on an Alaska cruise.
      As for including you in my links to favorite blogs, you’re welcome. And thank you for the thoughtful comments, my blog Buddy! 🙂

      • reocochran says:

        All these compliments are making me blush! Thank you for those thoughtful and kind words, I feel we have a great camaraderie with this system of posts and comments. I am not that lonely but you know what I am saying, nice to have a hand to hold and a head on the other pillow, so to speak! (As you found and are so grateful for!) Take care, Robin

  12. Great post. Totally get what you’re saying about the interactive aspect. Let me know when you’re next in London. Apparently, next to New York, we’ve got the highest concentration of Vegan/Vegetarian restaurants of any city and I’ve been vegetarian for 17 years. We’ll show you around.

    • Mike Lince says:

      Thank you for your generous offer to show us around London, Peter. We will be in touch in the near future, as we will be in the UK this weekend – June 29. We can hardly wait to sample some of the Vegan/Vegetarian restaurants in London! – Mike

    • I didn’t know London had a high concentration of vegetarian/vegan restaurants. That’s good to know – maybe my husband and I will vacation there one of these years. And I think it’s wonderful that you are going to show Mike and Florence around London! Celeste 🙂

  13. This one’s the classic go to in Soho off of Oxford Street, but I also live right above a vegan/anarchist cafe in East London that does very nice smoothies and soya shakes. http://www.mildreds.co.uk/

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