Good News Bad News in the Apartment Hunt

Looking up High Street in Perth, Scotland near our humble abode.

Looking up High Street in Perth, Scotland near our humble abode.
Photo credit: Wikipedia commons

In our quest to find an apartment for the next six months, we received both good news and bad news. The good news is that we found a perfect flat right on High Street, the main street in Perth, with a window in every room except the bathroom. It is on the top floor, three floors up a spiral staircase. The apartment is an incredible find – it is airy and comfortable with every convenience located within blocks.

The bad news is that the apartment will not be available for us to move in prior to July 27. This is why we have set off for three straight weeks of touring. We just left Edinburgh and rode the motorcoach for the ninety minute ride into Glasgow for a week. Our to-do list in Glasgow is much less than it was in Edinburgh. We will be content to pick a few must-see items and take the pace a bit easier.

The Mitchell Library features classic Greek columns. Photo credit:

The Mitchell Library features classic Greek columns.
Photo credit:

There is a beautiful city library just around the corner from our hostel decked out with modern conveniences inside a classic Greek-style building. It is a comfortable setting and there is even a café near the entrance. It is a break from the noise and scarcity of electrical outlets at the hostel which I need to keep my laptop charged.

When I inquired at the library desk about accessing their free Wi-Fi network, they went even further and granted me a temporary library card even though I am a guest in the city for only a week. Amazing! By gosh, I love Scotland!

Inside the Mitchell Library Photo credit:

Inside the Mitchell Library
Photo credit:

Before we left Edinburgh, I made a quick stop at the local dollar store (The Pound Stretcher) to grab some mints (and gummy bears), and the manager asked if I was enjoying Edinburgh.

I said, “I love Edinburgh! And now we are on our way to Glasgow.”
He replied, “Watch your wallet.”
I laughed and asked, “Isn’t that good advice for any city?” He agreed that was true. I added, “I will say the Scottish people have been incredibly kind and gracious everywhere we have been.”
He replied with a wink, “We are always good to visitors. We just do not treat our own people so well.”

I cannot say whether or not that is true. I only know we have felt welcome wherever we have traveled.  And we are looking forward to calling Perth home for the next six months.

27 comments on “Good News Bad News in the Apartment Hunt

  1. spodzone says:

    Good news indeed.

    Perth’s just the right size and central for getting away into the scenery. I rather liked living there – recognized your view of the high street straight off.

    • Mike Lince says:

      Yes, we felt that way about Perth as well – a chance discovery that turned out quite well, especially after visiting the big cities. We are looking forward to the move once the apartment opens.

  2. nantubre says:

    happy travels to ya’ll ~ fair thee well!

  3. Ha, ha! I saw your intro and thought: that doesn’t look like the main drag of Perth! And it ain’t nothing like Perth – Australia, that is! Interesting, too, that we have a Mitchell Library here in Oz, too. In Sydney. But while there may be more than one Perth, Scots like a drop of the doings so you should enjoy a round or two while you’re there. They’re a bunch of pisspots like us Aussies! Enjoy your stay. David.

    • Mike Lince says:

      I made the same mistake about Perth before we had researched a little, a common mistake. Just like in the states, people named things after familiar places.
      I had a drop of single malt ‘doings’ shared by a hostel guest, and it caught me unaware. I choked on the vapor. I am a bit of a wuss when in comes to whisky. I have enjoyed a pint now and then with lunch. Lots of options here! Thank you for your fun comments, David. – Mike

  4. sanstorm says:

    I love the Mitchell Library – it has some wild carpets in the main study floors! I think they were probably laid in the 70s… and would be too expensive to ever replace.
    You have been SO luck with the weather. It hasn’t been this summery since 1976 – no exaggeration! (Bit more like normal today)

    • Mike Lince says:

      I never really paid much attention to the carpets. However, I was completely won over by how helpful the staff people were and how comfortable it was to pass some time reading and working online. It was like a sanctuary from the busy streets of Glasgow.

  5. Interesting that it doesn’t look like Perth. It looks a lot like a Dublin street and the response you got from the newsagents in Edinburgh and about the way they treat tourists is very Irish as well. My Irish wife and I laughed as I read it to her. I think especially city dwellers know that it’s in their interest to fulfil the best possible expectations of tourists, but you’ll have a good time anyway. Enjoy Glasgy.

    • Mike Lince says:

      We just returned from our second day of sightseeing in Glasgow. I envision two more blog posts in the near future. 🙂
      We have had nothing but great experiences so far, especially when I initiate the conversation. You are right. I think people here value tourists. It sure feels like it on our end. – Mike

  6. I am really enjoying all your posts and photos of Scotland. Looks like you found a perfect place to live in a great location for walking.

    • Mike Lince says:

      It means a lot that you enjoy the stories and photos, Marilyn. Thank you. We had a great time in Mexico prior to coming to Scotland. However, Florence is relieved to now be able to interact in English rather than having me interpret or speak for her. Scotland is turning out to be a great fit!

  7. The constant touring may be tiring, but it sounds like you’re having fun and meeting lots of nice folks. Plus, it’s giving you lots of stuff to write about. I’d probably be really itching to get into that apartment by now if I were you, however. Celeste 🙂

    • Mike Lince says:

      We have the itch, yes, but we are enjoying our visit to the cities. We are making some fine contacts that will make a return visit purposeful. (Spoiler alert) We booked tickets for the Military Tattoo in Edinburgh in mid-August. Florence has never seen one, and I will post a story, of course. Other opportunities coming up in Glasgow as well. – Mike

  8. reocochran says:

    Too bad about waiting but what a great way to spend your time waiting! Good and bad, but really nice times!
    Interesting comment by the gentleman, that Scottish treat their visitors better than their own…. hmmm! We in America may be like that, too!

  9. So very excited for the two of you; can’t wait to see the new digs! Sounds fabulous. I am loving Scotland too, thru’ your eyes.

  10. Mike, I’m so glad that you found a place – and by your description it sounds wonderful. Congrats! Now the hard part’s behind you. I hope you enjoy Scotland as much as we did. Can’t wait to tag along vicariously. ~Terri

  11. blade3colorado says:

    Sounds like the “bad news” has a silver lining. As a couple of other people have commented, you get to be a tourist for a couple of weeks while your apartment is prepared. Nice! By the by, I love the shot of the library . . . If not for the computers, this scene is exactly what I perceived an English (or Scottish) library to be like.

    • Mike Lince says:

      We have been good tourists, helping stimulate the economies of various cities along the way. Now we are truly looking forward to a simpler time. Just today Florence and I both sighed at the thought of sitting down with a good book and a cup of tea. (Good coffee is not guaranteed here, especially after living in Central America last year.) There are plenty more adventures awaiting!
      Thanks for sharing your comments, Steve. I often think as we travel, “I wonder if Steve saw this?” 🙂

      • blade3colorado says:

        I’m curious Mike (and I understand if you are reticent about answering this) – How much does a typical 2 bedroom, 2 bath, apartment or house go for per month? Thanks!

      • Mike Lince says:

        We will pay 495 GBP/month (about $750) where we are staying – 2 BR, 1 bath. That is fully furnished with linens and kitchenware. Internet and electricity will add about $75/month. For Perth that is above average.
        Wait till I have photos! 🙂 I can hardly wait to write that post.

      • blade3colorado says:

        Wow! That is a great deal IMO.

  12. lauren says:

    love impromptu traveling. 🙂
    and picture #2 is beautiful. great shot!

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