Finally At Home in Perth

Downtown Perth and the Tay River as seen from the Perth Bridge

Downtown Perth and the Tay River as seen from the Perth Bridge

Alison and Tom, agents at Your Move, helped us finalize our move. Which one do you think is in charge?

Alison and Tom helped us finalize our move. Which one do you think is in charge?

We have been in the United Kingdom for a whole month now, and we have covered a lot of ground. Travel during the latter half of the past month was sort of self-inflicted because we were willing to wait three weeks for the cozy apartment in Perth that we fell in love with when we viewed it early in July.

We have experienced the local culture and history in large doses. First, there was local lad, Andy Murray, victorious at Wimbledon. Then there was the birth of the future King George of England. We also visited Bournville, England, home of Cadbury World, and the home town of The Beatles on our trip to Liverpool.

Looking down High Street from our 3rd story apartment

Looking down High Street from our 3rd story apartment

We have been rewarded in our travels as we took in some great sights. At the same time it has been rather exhausting to always be on the move and hauling all of our possessions with each change of venue. Granted, we have only a suitcase and a carry-on apiece. However, that requires a taxi ride when arriving in a new city and we need to go any distance over six blocks, which is pretty much all the time. Traveling like this is not only tiring, but it can also get expensive. So it is our great pleasure to finally make it back to Perth and a place we can call home.

Our tea table in the bay window of the guest room

Our tea table in the bay window of the guest room

We needed an extra day to iron out the financial details, and then we spent most of today getting moved in. With only two suitcases unpacking does not take long. We did some housekeeping, went shopping for some basics (food, beverages and cleaning supplies) and had lunch at a sidewalk café. We re-arranged the furniture and did some laundry.

All these domestic chores are rather nice for a change, including having our own washing machine. And we like having a cinema around the corner and a grocery store and a fresh produce market on our street. Everything we need is within six blocks including the park, the bus station and the train station. Life is good and I am pleased to say we are finally home in Perth, our base from which to tour Scotland over the next six months.

North Inch Park is six blocks from our place. I foresee many morning walks along the river.

North Inch Park is six blocks from our place. I foresee many morning walks along the river.

Now what? Will it be a tour of nearby Scone Castle or a perhaps day trip to the oil rich city of Aberdeen? I can hardly wait to share our next adventure because I know we will soon be out exploring again.

24 comments on “Finally At Home in Perth

  1. Linda Orton says:

    Mike I have enjoyed reading your posts. I am hoping to retire and sell my house by summer of 2014. Would you please advise me about how you find your lodgings (local newspapers?). Are you able to share somewhat of an outline of monthly budgets you are finding it feasible to stay under? That last question may be too personal but I will not have tons of funds being by myself and on my own. I think you write very well. Was that your past profession? Many question it looks like. I have not commented before so I do not know if this will post as a comment or if you can respond to my email directly. Thank You. Linda

    Sent from my iPad

    • Mike Lince says:

      First Linda, I would recommend you review a story I posted back in February about finances. Basically, I explain how we manage to live on my current retirement income of $1,500/month.

      On our website,, we made a prospective list of the countries we would like to live in over the next ten years. Many of them are affordable enough to live very well on a fixed income. We also found this to be true throughout much of Latin America. Many people are scared off from Mexico by media stories, which is unfortunate. However, we were also drawn to both Uruguay and Chile. As long as you are comfortable conversing in Spanish, these are fantastic options for expats.

      Your questions are a reminder that I need to finish our FAQ’s page. I will follow up with you to provide whatever additional information I can. Thank you for your comments and questions. As for my profession(s), I worked 10 years in public affairs with the Intel Corporation until 2007. The economy was such that I could not afford to be choosy, and I worked several jobs after that. Such is the life of a liberal arts major. 🙂 I finally said the heck with work and retired in 2011, and we have been traveling ever since.

  2. Piggletino says:

    The photo of downtown Perth looks amazing! 🙂

    • Mike Lince says:

      It really is one of the prettiest towns I have ever seen. If the camera could see a wider screen, you would also have seen green rolling hills in the background. You can see why we fell in love with this spot, and it is central to all of Scotland.

  3. Congratulations Mike and Florence! Welcome to your new home – and it looks fabulous! I can’t believe you found a place so perfectly situated to everything you need – not an easy feat! Did you have to look at a lot of apartments before you found this one? Have fun settling in. All the best, Terri

    • Mike Lince says:

      Thank you, Terri. We looked at a shared flat and it was not a good fit. We checked with a couple of rental agencies and this one had just given notice. Obviously, it was worth waiting for. 🙂

  4. jimhornnews says:

    Congratulations Mike & Florence on finally settling in. I hope you will be very happy in your new digs. Sorry you don’t have a Pancho to do the cleaning.

    • Mike Lince says:

      Thanks, Jim. We love our third floor flat. It has a spiral staircase with as many stairs to the top floor as your place from the pool to your top level. Good exercise! Tell Pancho he can come visit and not have to clean. We have a guest room, and Florence is fastidious, as you may know.
      Cheers, Mike

  5. Nice to be back, have a nice time to settle down in your new home!

    • Mike Lince says:

      It felt great to do nothing more exciting today than to go grocery shopping. Not exactly blog story material, but a great day in a lovely town. We are loving it!

  6. blade3colorado says:

    Your blog is fascinating Mike. I am glad that Florence and you are getting settled in. Love the stained glass “touch” in the bay window. Enjoy!

  7. reocochran says:

    This tea table, your views, the way you are finding out about your new “home town” are all wonderful and also, interesting! So fun to read about all of this! In Columbus, Ohio our High Street has a gallery hop this Sat. Aug. 3rd! I am so glad you are on the third floor to see the beauty of the town, also do you face east or west to see sunrises or sunsets? All the different close by sights are extra nice to have, the park and other sights to see.

    • Mike Lince says:

      Our gable windows face south. Our kitchen and bedroom windows face north. We do not get much of a territorial view other than the pedestrian promenade. That is a sacrifice we made by living in the center of town.
      Interesting that you mentions the High Street gallery hop in Columbus. August 3rd is the monthly farmers market at King Charles Square about three blocks from here which we have been eagerly anticipating. Naturally, we will share more after the fact. 🙂

  8. You will have such fun exploring your new city! I enjoy your photos and writings.

    • Mike Lince says:

      Indeed, we are having a great time. And soon we will venture out again. For example, we have our tickets for the military tattoo in Edinburgh. That should be quite a spectacle!
      Thank you for following along! I appreciate it.

  9. lauren says:

    oh beautiful! you make me want to move to perth.

  10. Mike, welcome home! What a lovely, lovely place to settle. As for Alison and Tom: Mum’s the word. The park walks sound divine, and the location looks so special. Wonderful!
    BTW: boy has your readership climbed! 32 likes… I remember when you commented on my numbers, and now I don’t come close to yours! 😉 Nice work, my traveling friend.

    • Mike Lince says:

      We are indeed fortunate to have landed in such a lovely place. As for the numbers, I never know if I am doing well or poorly because I have little basis for comparison. I see some blogs with 100+ Likes and I wonder what else I could be doing. I see newbies with 3 Likes and I know I have passed some basic thresholds. I did hit the 30k views mark this week. That felt good. I think the numbers only matter when we are seeking sponsors. I also know there are thousands of other blogs out there. I just hope to keep building this blog into more than it is right now. I love to write, and I hope to put out a product that is informative and entertaining. And I do have a surprise announcement to share soon that may broaden some of my blog’s appeal. 🙂

  11. From the photo of your guest room, your apartment looks lovely. I’m sure it was worth the wait. I’m looking forward to the stories that get written from your new home. Celeste 🙂

    • Mike Lince says:

      The apartment is quite comfy for two – great location and more space than we have had for awhile. Our living room has a bay window just like the guest room. That is where I placed my reading chair. Maybe that is why I enjoy reading so much – finished two more books this week. 🙂

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