Planning Ahead for Our Next Move

The Costa Blanca is known for its scenery and beaches.

The Costa Blanca is known for its scenery and beaches.
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As The Six Monthers, planning ahead is critical to adhering to our plan to live in a new country every six months. Our list of countries where we most wish to call home for one of these semi-annual stays is a list we put together a year ago as we daydreamed and brainstormed about where we most wanted to live.


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As you might imagine with our Croatia trip coming up, their country has been on our minds a lot. Croatia was already on our list for 2015. However, we may want to make our home there even sooner.  We had anticipated would happen. We expected to update and revise our list as unforeseen factors arise and we would need to prioritize accordingly.

The Costa Blanca is rugged and beautiful.  Photo credit:

The Costa Blanca is rugged and beautiful.
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That having been said, Spain is still our next destination country. Many have asked us where in Spain we would like to settle. We met backpackers in Glasgow who were visiting from Madrid, and they were eager to sell the virtues of their home city. Barcelona has been well-represented among Spanish cities that people speak highly about. There are so many great cities in Spain that merit our attention, including Seville, Granada, Málaga, and Valencia, the only Spanish city I have visited. All of these celebrated spots add to the irresistible appeal of Spain, and we need to plan where to live in order to budget for our transportation, housing and living expenses.

Torrevieja beach Photo credit:

Torrevieja beach
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So we decided our next home will be in Torrevieja. This young city on the Costa Brava lies in the southernmost part of the province of Alicante. A small town for many years Torrevieja, or Old Tower, has doubled in size from 50,000 to over 100,000 people since 2007 including a strong contingent of British, Germans and Scandinavians, many of whom live there all the year round. This rapid growth in popularity has made tourism the leading industry in the area. The Alicante Airport is now the sixth busiest airport in Spain behind Madrid, Barcelona, Mallorca, Canary Islands, and Ibiza. Less than half the population is Spanish, although so many Spaniards from Madrid have built second homes in Torrevieja that the city has earned the nickname La Playa de Madrid, or Madrid Beach.

I look forward to sharing much more about Spain in the months ahead as we weather the second half of winter along the Mediterranean shore. Average temperatures in January and February are typically near 15°C (60°F). I think if I am going to go skiing this year, it better be while I am here in Scotland.


15 comments on “Planning Ahead for Our Next Move

  1. My husband and I have similar plans, to visit several countries, although our plan is not so formalized, and we do have the idea of eventually settling in somewhere. I’ve done some preliminary research on the very same area of Spain you are looking at, so I’ll be reading your preparations with great interest!!

    • Mike Lince says:

      We like what we have learned about the Costa Blanca. The coast is scenic, the cost of living is reasonable, and the weather is fair. We lack the benefit of having a contact in the area that can help us find a place, and the forums are incredibly lacking in current information. The downside is that property scammers have a clear shot at taking advantage of overly trusting visitors. We may pay a visit in advance to locate accommodations. I appreciate your comments and good luck with your travel plans! – Mike

  2. sweetsound says:

    Wow, it seems like you just barely got to Scotland and you’re already planning your next move! I’m obviously biased but I wish you had more time to discover and come to love the country here. I guess it’s hard when there are so many amazing places out there to see! PS – I dated a guy from Alicante for a few months. Sounds like a nice place!

    • Mike Lince says:

      We do plan ahead. However, we also will be in Scotland through Christmas and New Years Day. So we will not be jetting away too soon. And we do love Scotland. We have already heard from followers that they are reconsidering destinations they had originally planned in order to visit Scotland just from what we have shared from here. Unfortunately, if we wished to stay longer we would have to go through the visa application process with no guarantee the government would let us stay.

      • sweetsound says:

        Oh yeah, that’s right, the six-month visa thing. Well, I’m glad you’ll be sticking around for a few more months! I just went on a wonderful trip to the north east part of the country. Can I send you an invite to my blog, if you’re interested in seeing what’s up there? (If not, no worries!) 😀

      • Mike Lince says:

        I will check it out – thanks!

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  4. Hi Mike and Florence, Spain is such a beautiful, glorious country! Although I thought we had thoroughly explored it, we haven’t (yet) been to Torrevieja. It sounds wonderful. Looking forward to your continued explorations. ~Terri

  5. dfrantz1953 says:

    My son spent a semester in Valencia a couple of years back and has wonderful memories! I think you will enjoy Spain! Can’t wait to read about your adventures!

    • Mike Lince says:

      I have heard many wonderful things about Spain, and I like the idea of putting my Spanish to use again. Writing from Spain is definitely something I am looking forward to. Thank you for following along! – Mike

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  7. Ooh, ooh! Spain should be amazing! The sun will be a welcome respite by then, and I hear the food and scenery is incredible!! So excited for you.

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