Alternating our Current Path*

*Note:  The title refers to Šibenik, Croatia, being the first city in the world illuminated exclusively by hydroelectric power.  Croatia’s most famous favorite son, Nikola Tesla, invented the alternating current generator now used in power generating plants throughout the world.

*Note: The title refers to Šibenik, Croatia, being the first city in the world illuminated exclusively by hydroelectric power. Croatia’s most famous favorite son, Nikola Tesla, invented the alternating current generator now used in power generating plants throughout the world. This statue of Tesla sitting outside his childhood home near Smiljan, Croatia, is nearly life-sized –  he was 6’4″ tall.

As we prepare to move to Šibenik (SHE beh neek), Croatia, several followers have commented things like, ‘You guys are The 6 Monthers.  Are you going to change your name to The 3 Monthers?’  No, we are not going to change our name.  Our plans have always been flexible and six months in a country is a guideline, not a rule. 

The Botanical Gardens in Glasgow, Scotland

The Botanical Gardens in Glasgow, Scotland

Coming to Europe our original destination was Ireland.  When the people we attempted to connect with for housing did not respond, we expanded our search to include Scotland.  The same thing occurred as we were leaving Panama last January.  Originally, we were going to move to Costa Rica.  No one responded to our inquiries about an apartment there, so we expanded our search to include Mexico.  Our decision to move there is one that we never regretted. 


Rosslyn Chapel, just south of Edinburgh, Scotland

Rosslyn Chapel, just south of Edinburgh, Scotland

Florence had visited Ireland on her first trip abroad thirty years ago.  Scotland represented an opportunity to explore someplace new for both of us.  We had an amazing summer in the land of bagpipes, Scotch whisky, kilts and castles.  We attended the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo at the Edinburgh Festival.  Among the many churches we visited on the ABC Tour, we saw Rosslyn Chapel, the 500 year old church made famous in Dan Brown’s The DaVinci Code where some of the movie was filmed.

A glimpse of the Dalmatian Coast from the nearby hills

A glimpse of the Dalmatian Coast from the nearby hills

The offer to visit Croatia as journalists in September was an unexpected opportunity.   We knew almost nothing about Croatia except that they and Romania were the newest members of the European Union.  We discovered a country more beautiful than anything we could have imagined.  We met people with smiling faces and open hearts that welcomed us.  We made friends that could hardly wait to see us again. 

When we returned to Scotland at the end of September the rain was regular. The days were colder and the nights were longer.  Popular attractions were closing for the winter.  When the opportunity came to finish out our current six months back in Croatia, it was a no-brainer.  The days are 20° warmer than Scotland, and we will save nearly half on our monthly expenses compared to the cost of living in Scotland. 


We made new friends in Croatia.

We made new friends in Croatia.

We had a great time in Scotland, and someday we hope to return to see some of the attractions we missed.  This weekend we are headed back to lower latitudes on the lovely Dalmatian Coast.  We will visit more of Croatia’s incredible sights.   We will party with new friends.  Then it is on to Spain in January where The 6 Monthers return to our regularly scheduled program to live in a new country every six months.  At least that is the plan.


10 comments on “Alternating our Current Path*

  1. I so get it Mike! I’m not a cold, rainy weather person and I’d certainly make the same choice. Who cares if you’re not following the plan – breaking rules is what makes life fun and exciting. I look forward to hearing more about Croatia anyway! Celeste 🙂

    • Mike Lince says:

      You are so right, Celeste. This isn’t about following the rules, this is about writing the rules as we go. And after over a year in tropical weather, we are less inclined to withstand the northern climes than I was when we still lived in Washington. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. – Mike

  2. Michele Ricchiazzi says:

    Always something new on the horizon for the Lince’s. Keep us all posted as we see the world through the eyes of the 6 Monthers until we can see if for ourselves! Love to you both!

  3. Wait! Did I miss a post or did this just happen? I’m totally surprised and absolutely thrilled! I told you, Mike, it seems the perfect next step for you both! Enjoy… I know I will. 😉

    • Mike Lince says:

      No, you did not miss a blog, Dawn. Only in a previous blog comment did I make any mention of our plans to return to Croatia. I kept this fairly quiet because we almost could not believe it ourselves when the opportunity arose. This blog story was to let everyone know that we are closing another chapter here in Scotland and ready to move on. – Mike

  4. reocochran says:

    I am not sure why anyone would question your being flexible and open to new opportunities but am grateful for this summary of recent turns of events. It is always good to know why your path veered off-course. All with great results and happy photos, along with new adventures for all of US to also enjoy! Thanks for the photos given of Tesla. My Dad was always impressed with his inventions and life built from a hardscrabble roots, like his own. My Dad worked at White Castle from age 11 until he graduated from the 5 year engineering co-op program of UC, Ohio. I think it is fascinating to see Tesla’s statue and read of his creation, still being used of the hydrogen- electric generator, too. I bet there are more inventions that he came up with, as all inventors are creative, in more than one direction! I liked the photo of the friends in Croatia!

  5. Mike Lince says:

    I think our friends who are purists alluded to us seeing the 6 month thing through. Florence and I care less about the purist approach since we are committed to living abroad on our own terms.

    You are right about Tesla having invented many things other than the alternating current generator. Even though Guglielmo Marconi is given credit for inventing radio, Tesla had already used radio waves to transmit sound fourteen years earlier and had a patent which the Supreme Court eventually ruled took precedence. The Tesla coil was never developed into something commercially beneficial, but we still have toys that simulate lightening in a bottle using the Tesla coil. Tesla had over 100 patents and his understanding of electricity changed the world.

    Tesla created the first remote control vehicle (a radio-controlled boat), and fluorescent light bulbs and neon lights that he shaped into letters. Even though the technology did not exist in Tesla’s time, he initiated the field of robotics. He as a physicist, an electrical engineer and an inventor. Surprisingly, he never won a Nobel Prize, although Marconi did. You can see why Croatia is so fond of their native-born son. In Zagreb, he is a featured attraction at the Museum of Technology where his inventions are demonstrated to groups including school children.

  6. reocochran says:

    Tesla needed some publicity and an “agent!” Too bad, it would be nice if he would be able to receive many years posthumously a Nobel Peace Award. I am amazed at the variety of his inventions and contributions to the world! Thanks, Mike, for going one step farther and educating us on his fine works!

  7. What an awesome opportunity! Make sure to let me know if you make it back down to London again or even the English Midlands and we can meet you halfway.

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