Our time in Perth, no not that one, the one in Scotland

My posts are mostly informational. My wife started her own blog in order to add her voice. Florence likes to express her opinions openly and honestly. Naturally, I value her input, so here is her perspective in which she sheds more light on why we chose to leave Scotland and move to Šibenik, Croatia.


We had every intention when landing in Scotland of being here six months.  We had done a lot of extensive research on places to live, costs of living, and so on before we came there. Unfortunately things didn’t turn out the way we had been told they would, or how we wanted.

I had been online well before we landed chatting with realtors and letting agencies.   I had appointments lined up in Perth with agencies and house sharing folks.  Most of the apartments I found before we landed were around the 400 pound or less a month range and we knew that this was acceptable for us as costs went.  The reality upon landing however was somewhat harsher.  Even though I had communicated for months that we were coming all of a sudden people didn’t want to rent to us as expats.  They had forgotten what our requirements for a…

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4 comments on “Our time in Perth, no not that one, the one in Scotland

  1. Argh, how frustrating that experience must have been. Scotland isn’t on our list of places to try, but if it were, I’d scratch it right off immediately! My selfish question for you is — are you still planning on trying Spain next year?

    • Mike Lince says:

      We would not miss Spain for anything. We have learned from this experience in Scotland, and we are not deterred. We already have a base for up to a month in Spain to give us time to find a good fit. Thank you for asking. – Mike

  2. Glad to hear it. I enjoy all of your posts, but I am particularly looking forward to hearing your take on Spain. Will you be applying for your 3 months extension of the tourist visa after you get there, or before?

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