The emotions of our visit to Srebrenica were amplified when we viewed the eight minute documentary film of the events of July 11, 1995, with a group of Muslim high school students who were visiting the site on a field trip. The girls sitting near us wept openly as they witnessed what had been up to that time only the tales they had heard from their elders. I am sure some of the graves outside were those of relatives these kids had never met.


Where Allah Wept

In 1992 fifty thousand Muslims fled to a small town called Srebrenica in the region today known as the Republika of Srpska in Bosnia-Herzegovina. They came from cities all over the region.  They came because the United Nations said this was a safe place for them.  They were told to turn in their guns once they arrived because they would not need them for protection, so they did.

They lived without water, electricity, food and a purpose.  They had brought themselves to a concentration camp with nowhere to go and nowhere to hide.

From 1992 to July 1995 they lived this way. In the mountains and regions around them they could hear the bombs and the war playing out where the region of the world once known as Yugoslavia was being torn into eight new countries; Albania, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia, and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

These 50,000…

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