You Say Potato, I say Patato

I would add to this story written by my wife, Florence, that I love the hot, spicy salsas and curries that leave a glow in the palate long after the last swallow. Mmm!


Everyone loves good food and wine.  However not everyone agrees on what constitutes good food and wine.

I love white wine.  My husband prefers red.

I prefer to eat Vegan or Vegetarian when I have too, and my husband eats everything including meat dishes.

Some people think that food smothered in sauces, be them cream or red are the way to go.  I say yuck.  I want plain and simple food.  I want to be the one to add salt, pepper, or other alternative spices to my food.  I don’t for heavens sake want my dish smothered in mayonnaise which is very common for some reason in a lot of the Latin American countries.  We are still trying to wrap our heads around that one.

The best overall wine I have tasted in all my years of travel came from Uruguay.  The best white wine I’ve tasted came from a…

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2 comments on “You Say Potato, I say Patato

  1. reocochran says:

    I like my foods to be flavored and do enjoy sauces, too! I have changed my palate as I have grown older, to include more spicy foods! Smiles, Robin

    • Mike Lince says:

      Maybe my taste buds are dying off because as I get older I like my food spicier. When I see those little red peppers lined up next to items on the menu, I typical order the hottest ones. I know people think I am crazy, especially Florence. I cannot help it. I love that feeling when I am done with a bite of food and my mouth and lips are still glowing. Lots of people describe that as being ‘on fire’, but I do not. I FEEL the flavor of the hot spices and I love that feeling – not every day, but I miss it if a week or more goes by without spicy food. That’s why I always keep hot sauces in stock. – Mike

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