Puppy Love – A Dog Story

Kaia 057

From the time my grandson was old enough to crawl, he and Kaia formed a deep bond. She loves the connection they share as he gently clamors over her.

This is not about just any dog.  It is about an adorable mutt I know personally.  My daughter sent me this story about their family dog, Kaia, who is now crippled with a torn ACL.  This is her heartfelt appeal for financial support to help her and her husband cover the cost of repair surgery. Here is her story:

Ever since my youngest grandson was born, Kaia has played mother to her 'pup'.

Kaia has played mother to her ‘pup’ ever since she was no longer the baby of the family.

I found Kaia on Petfinder.com a few months after our long-time pet dog Roscoe passed away. Our house felt empty without a dog in it. Kaia was a 4 month old rescue puppy from Eastern Washington. She is a sweet chocolate lab/pit bull/weimeraner mix. I was pregnant with our second child the same month we adopted Kaia. She went from being the “baby” of the family to a surrogate “nanny” of our young son, guarding the baby swing while he slept and looking at me pointedly when he cried. Now our youngest is almost 2. He and Kaia love one another. He climbs on her, hugs her, and affectionately tugs on her ears and tail. They play chase when he holds a cracker and she chases him around the house. She still licks him like he’s her puppy.

Dogs, like children, are fascinated by their first experience with snow.

Dogs, like children, are fascinated by their first experience with snow.

Our older son is almost 8. He is Kaia’s favorite playmate. She loves chasing and running with him. It was devastating when we took Kaia to the vet and learned she has a partially torn ACL. Unless she has surgery to repair it, her running days are over. That is sad because there is nothing that Kaia loves more than to run! She would still fetch balls and sticks with my boys if she could run. Our vet told us her operation would cost over $3,000. We want to do everything in the world to keep our young dog happy and healthy, but money is tight right now.

No matter where the baby goes, Kaia is sure to be close by.

No matter where the baby goes, Kaia is sure to be close by.

My boys and I are seeking support for our surgery fundraiser. Any amount you can spare will be deeply appreciated. As my oldest son says, “We don’t want her running days to be cut short.” Here is the link if you would care to make a donation:  http://www.gofundme.com/forkaia



Note: Anyone who has knowledge of canine care as it pertains to this pet’s torn ACL is invited to share their expertise in the comment section. Thank you for any support, financial or otherwise.


5 comments on “Puppy Love – A Dog Story

  1. reocochran says:

    This is so sad about a wonderful dog and his need for surgery! I wonder if a church nearby might collect for this, or maybe a willing veterinarian take payments? I pay payments for my ear surgery for two more years… I also have a Care Credit card, I put all my dental bills on. I will pray for the grandson’s buddy to have his surgery! Smiles, Robin

    • Mike Lince says:

      I received feedback from one of my dog loving friends of a veterinarian within an hour drive of my daughter’s home that takes installments for his services. I hope that will help take care of their dog’s medical needs. As you perceived, the dog and the boys are attached with a deep love for one another. Thank you for your caring thoughts, Robin. – Mike

  2. This is heart breaking, Mike! Is there any update? I know we love our pups; they are an integral part of our family! I hope your daughter finds a solution! Perhaps in Seattle? There may be some better options?

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